Friday, December 7, 2012


I'd been trying to pretend that nothing's really happened lately but my heart was nearly exploding!  

I promised to myself three weeks ago to get a whole, juicy and crunchy roasted pork once I pass my Pharmacology and Toxicology course last semester; but just like most of the promises made in this world, I'm afraid I'll gonna break it.  Heaven must've noticed how tight were my fingers crossed while anxiously waiting for the marks and I'm glad that that was sufficient to convince the Celestial City to grant my prayers. 

I, honestly, felt like I was sucked by a vacuum upon seeing my Pharmacology and Toxicology grade but that was good enough than sitting for the uncertainties of the supplementary exam; my marks on the other three subjects turned out well, anyway.  So that was it, I have officially conquered the hurdles of DVM-1... 33.33% down, 66.66% more to go. 

I didn't have time to procure my lechon, though.  I've been flooded out for three weeks now to complete my four-week clinical placement.  So to stop my heart from exploding, I simply treated myself with a haircut and a relaxing massage yesterday (my haircut actually ended up awful but that's another story; yes, the hairdresser's still alive).

The photos I've taken from the dairy farm the other day:

A portion of the herd of Jersey cows for pregnancy check.

A herdsman in a dairy farm somewhere in Eudanda, South Australia.



bertN said...

Just curious, why do the cows look like they need a little fattening? What do I know, I'm not a vet LOL.

RJ said...

The body condition score of these cows, I'd say, is 0.5notch below the ideal condition. They are dairy cows (normally skinny-looking but with huge udders!), so you cannot expect them to look like bulky muscling beef cows.