Saturday, November 24, 2012

Applied Cardiology

It's only been seven days since the last day of school year 2012, but I already feel asphyxiated!  I honestly don't know how to manage my days well until the opening of the next school year in March 2013 without catching a glimpse of her.

The thought of not seeing her for the rest of the (Southern Hemisphere) summer holidays is seriously more disturbing than patiently waiting for the academic results last semester.  I could only wish that browsing her FB account would be enough to supplement me for this insatiable longing... My thankfulness is actually immeasurable for her to leave those lovely photos accessible to public traffic!

It's my fault, but I cannot blame myself for being so timid.  I just couldn't formulate an excellent regimen to let her know how this heart beats.  I am very adventurous when it comes to applied geography but very cautious when the subject is cardiology.  It's so unfortunate that her stethoscope was extra-sensitive to the dogs' and horses' heart murmurs but was apparently unperceptive to a human heartbeat like mine.

This kind of heart condition is one of the important things they never taught in school, well, especially in vet schools.  Even E.C.G. couldn't capture it, nor my cardiac silhouette would love to reveal it in radiographs!



IrilynOllie said...

Well written Wel! Like ur style! Keep posting :) from Ollie

bertN said...

Mukang tinamaan ka. Go for it! You have nothing to lose.