Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Three in one

It's my first time to write a post using this electronic tablet...  I'm actually typing straight from Kuala Lumpur (my first time in this city, too!); I'm indebted to Edward-a friend I've met in the blogosphere, for welcoming and accommodating me here in Malaysia.

I left Adelaide early this morning and took a flight to Melbourne where I boarded another plane that lifted me to Singapore.  The second leg of my flight was relatively long- after finishing my pre-ordered lunch (which I didn't really enjoy) I had been aided by a collection of F. Sionil José's essays plus a series of intermittent naps.  I have regrets in choosing that seat on the last row 'coz the audible sound of a flushing toilet every time a passenger uses the cubicle was powerful enough to keep me half awake during that 8-hr flight. 

My brief transit in Singapore was a real gastronomic adventure.  My good friend Clarisse took me to a restaurant in Terminal 2 where we smashed a huge serving of chilli crab with mantou, tom yum soup and a perfectly-cooked steamed rice in 15 minutes.  We had limited time to savour it 'coz I needed to catch another flight to Kuala Lumpur, so with my crustacean-smelling fingers and some tomato sauce splatters that stained my white shirt, I was seen rushing through the immigration counter just to get to the boarding gate on time!

BACK IN Kuala Lumpur... The warmth and humidity didn't stop me from visiting the twin Petronas Towers.  With my baggage, Edward and I took the train to KLCC then I found myself photographed while deeply soaked with sweat.  I smiled despite the sticky feeling to at least give justice to the well-lit and famous lovely towers standing behind me. 

While writing this, I have munched two pieces of chilled Goldilock's polvoron that Edward has brought over from his weekend visit to Manila last week. And uh, it's time to hit the bed in preparation for another lengthy flight tomorrow.



docgelo said...

i was smiling when i read your phrase here you were deeply soaked with sweat! mas mainit pa sa pinas ang malaysia, doc at least sa atin, malamig kung panahon ng pasko at tag ulan, dito sa malaysia halos walang tag-ulan. umulan man, wala pang isang oras.

glad you've been to singapore & kuala lumpur!

been browsing your london posts too!

happy 2013!

RJ said...

IT WAS MY FIRST TIME IN Kuala Lumpur, Doc, and I really like their transportation, I mean the train; at napanganga ako sa Petronans Towers! The lighting was so good that it did reveal the beauty of the 'twins'!

Galing din po ako sa Adelaide that time, na ang humidity ay 3-13% lang yata, kaya talagang pinagpawisan ako ng husto sa KL, nagulat ang katawan ko.

Regards to Ms Tina and Gabby. U

RJ said...

When I wrote I like their transportation, iniisip ko pong parang mas advanced ang train services nila kaysa sa Manila. U