Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A ticking clock on the wall had never been so troublesome, but now it seems to be...  Taking its battery out and chucking it into the bin won't really help because it's not actually the annoying sound that's bothering me that much, it's the reality that time is running (or flying?) so fast these days.

My friend Marc once mentioned that time is man's greatest invention.  I'd love to believe it, but why does a human being, like me, doesn't have the power over time?  I couldn't turn it back, and I couldn't stop it neither.  The final exam's approaching, and this illusion of time has triumphantly conquered me!  My soul and physique is currently infused with exhaustion and anxieties.  

The amount of online and printed learning materials dumped unto us this semester is more than enough to challenge my humble intellect.  And I am unfortunately deprived and equally denied with the luxury of time to thoroughly cover all these stuff, even if I stay awake and continue reading twenty-four hours a day until the first day of our exam next week.

My head's getting heavy, and heavier through time.  It's actually numb at the moment; and despite my will to continue reading, my brain's just simply given up.

My wall clock's still audibly ticking, as if reminding me that another period of procrastination has gone by... that soon I will finally run out of time to review, and that whether I'm ready or not, I'll surely find myself occupying a seat in the examination room. But why should I bother?  I couldn't turn back time, I couldn't stop it and I couldn't fast track it, anyway.  If time wants to fly, then let it be, so tomorrow I'll wake up with my graduation cloak ready.



bertN said...

At my age, the ticking clock is more troublesome to me. It is running fast on you but it is running out on me.

Take advantage of your youth, get that doctorate and everything else you set your eyes on, before you reach the age where the only thing you can do is think you could have done better had the fear of failure not prevented you.

RJ said...

Thanks for those words, I'll take it.