Thursday, October 11, 2012

My current ride

I'VE BEEN SNEEZING for so many times daily for three days now, and without the aid of a thermometer, I'm sure that I'm slightly febrile.  This nasal congestion's bothering me especially at night; and this profuse nasal discharge that was initially clear and runny has recently become mucoid.  I'm not a physician but I have come up with a self-diagnosis that I am currently suffering from allergic rhinitis.

Honestly, I hate springtime.  While others love it, and some would say I should be thankful for this new and colourful life springing up around me, I couldn't help but secretly complain to myself about these insects pushing themselves in through the tiny spaces of my window mesh, the skin-pricking Australian sun coming out with its warmth gradually turning into a hot and dry South Australian summer (which I hated the most)!  I always forget to whinge about those invisible crop and weed pollens suspended in the air until I find myself taking antihistamine tablets and combating drowsiness while lying on these massive piles of research data, statistical analysis, scientific publications, lecture notes and handouts.

I couldn't believe I have hoarded all these stuffs inside my tiny room- which, after more than six weeks, had been finally dusted and vacuum cleaned yesterday.  Had this itchy and runny nose didn't strike, an inch thick of these tiny, powdery particles could have still been comfortably resting on any horizontal surface in my cave.  Well, just like my mind and this journal, my room deserves a decent clean up to tell these invisible spiders that I'm still occupying this room so they'll stop weaving cobwebs up the ceiling.

Obviously busy! 

Actually, I'm very thankful to be up and running until today after that literally scary ride a couple of weeks ago.  I was on the final week of my compulsory equine clinical placement that time and I had to go with one of the university's equine surgeons for an ambulatory case.  I was and had been thinking until now that this young German vet surgeon had forgotten that he's driving in Australia- a country which is very particular with speed limits and other driving rules.  I would like to believe that that equine colic that he was trying to solve was not really an emergency case, and that our lives in that ambulatory services' van were more precious...  While he was incautiously driving I really wanted to blurt out that, despite these enormous challenges in the vet school, I definitely didn't want to be picked up broken on a roundabout or expressway... that I still wanted to live longer and achieve my humble dreams.

The memorable ride that I was writing about here.  I still managed to take a photo, a remembrance. 



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bertN said...

I understand how you feel when you are riding in a vehicle with a driver who left his life and limbs at home or have a death wish for himself and his passengers LOL.I would volunteer to do the driving or request to be left by the side of the road.

I have no desire to live forever but I want to choose my exit venue, if dying of a heart attack while a blonde nymphomaniac is making love to me LOL. Don't let my wife know this or I will die prematurely of a slow, painful strangulation LOL.