Friday, September 7, 2012

Losing and Gaining

I'm currently in pain!  (Insert a very sad face here.) 

My major thigh and leg muscles are sore after two consecutive days of early morning run and walk.  I have decided to join my housemate Raymond on his daily routine, but unlike him who's very much worried of his increasing blood sugar level, I was seriously alarmed a couple of days ago after stepping on and out of our bathroom scale.  I can't believe that after spending six months in the vet school, I have unwantedly gained nine kilograms!

This is exactly the opposite of what I was expecting; I thought I'd be losing weight while doing the DVM program but my feed conversion ratio and average daily gain speak that my physique has been savoring the university lifestyle albeit lack of income after sacrificing my job for this ambitious endeavor. I am thinking to find a good nutritionist who can check and formulate my special diet (for free, I can't afford to pay at the moment) because my body condition score shows that Australian non-fat milk and oatmeal, as well as the less-than-a-cup rice that I have been eating for lunch have not been working.  I might start rejecting weekend party invitations, too.

Following a strict weight loss program is like following my dreams.  It entails heaps and heaps of sacrifices and discipline to set aside some of the great-tasting things in life.  The good thing about deciding to lose weight- my loved ones are spared from all these discomforts.  This is very different from deciding to give up my job and gear up to pursue my dreams- my loved ones have to endure the inconvenience.  The similarity?  Both decisions need courage to succeed.

Muscle pain?  There's ibuprofen and paracetamol.  Unfortunately, there are some types of pain that neither morphine nor ketamine can help.   



Muscle Relaxers said...

For me experiencing muscle pain is very frustrating. Hope you will have a fast recovery in your pain.

BlogusVox said...

Banana and milk in the morning
Apple, orange and 4 crackers at noon
Sandwich in the evening and plenty of water plus your jogging. That will do it and you'll see some result in a month.

bertN said...

You are not only gaining knowledge but you are gaining weight, too LOL. Knowledge is good but weight, if too much, is bad for your health and probably for your love life. If you find an easy way to shed unwanted weight,let me know because I'm trying to lose a few pounds myself.

Missy said...

mag detox ka Doc RJ ;-) and of course regular exercise, ako rin tumaba since I went back to work, ang hirap magdiet hehehe....pero ok lang yan at least you're gaining something

Missy said...

ok lang yan doc at least you're gaining something ...knowledge hehehe, diet and exercise and try detox ;-)

ako rin tumaba since I went back to work I have no time to go my everyday exercise, once a week na lang ngayon