Wednesday, July 11, 2012

University Alphabet

While writing this, my tummy's full.  I gave myself a treat with a beautiful roast lamb dinner; a blowout, I'd say.  It's just my usual way of celebrating some little day to day achievements (similarly, when I was still working- treating myself after a week of hard work).  Well, I am thankful that I am frequently celebrating lately, unlike before.

The agony of waiting for the academic results was equally dreadful with the preparation for and anticipation of the final theoretical and practical exams last semester.  That was actually the reason why, amidst those interesting cases in the veterinary clinic, I was bit anxious during the first 8 days of my extra mural studies.

I finally got my marks on all the subjects I enrolled last semester.  It seemed to me that I was one of the happiest students in the world after checking my university student account this morning.

Veterinary Professional Skills
(Animal Handling, Restraint & Clinical Examination; Legislation & Communication Skills) - CREDIT (C)
Veterinary Practice Fundamentals A (Diagnostic Imaging, Anaesthesiology and Surgery) - CREDIT (C)

Veterinary Pathology (General Pathology and Systems Pathology) -DISTINCTION (D)

Fail A mark between 1-49 F
Pass A mark between 50-64 P
Credit A mark between 65-74 C
Distinction A mark between 75-84 D
High Distinction A mark between 85-100 HD 
I didn't get any HD grade but I am happy and grateful for this blessing, I am glad I got these marks without going through a supplementary exam.  I had, honestly, made a resolution last week to quit this program and get employed if I end up getting a failed grade on any of my enrolled subjects; I just have this conviction that failing would mean 'unfit' for this profession.

This humble academic result goes to my mom and to my aunts whose wholehearted support is never-ending.  16.5% of the DVM Program is down, 83.5% more to go...  Second semester, here I come!

I STILL HAVE TWO DAYS left to complete in my first leg of clinical exposure, I've been living away from my place in Roseworthy (South Australia) for 11 days now and I have been terribly missing my room, my bed and my desk.  Don't get me wrong, I will be forever grateful to my friend and his family for the warm (literally and figuratively) accommodation here in Balaklava, South Australia (NOTE: it's midwinter Down Under). I have another story for this.

Meantime, it's bedtime.  



bertN said...

You did well as I expected. More academic power to you! I will be extremely disappointed for you if you quit your grad study just because of a failed grade in any subject.

RJ said...

Thanks for your trust; it's a challenge for me na galingan next sem.