Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm craving for more!  It was not enough; I wish I can have another week of school holiday.

Our three-week uni break has gone so quick.  It wasn't even a holiday 'cause I spent most of those days completing my Companion Animal clinical placement, writing my EMS (extra mural studies) journals and reports, and working on my clinical research proposal for my project this second sem.  

The University of Adelaide Course Planner:
DVM 1- Semester II
  • Intensive Production Medicine- Poultry, Swine and Aquaculture Medicine 
  • Clinical Research Project
  • Veterinary Practice Fundamentals B- Clinical Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics
  • Veterinary Practice Fundamentals C- Clinical Pathology and Theriogenology, with Clinical Neurology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology and Dermatology

THE SECOND SEMESTER has officially started!  Today is the first day and this morning I was dying of boredom while sitting for three hours in the tutorial room for the introductory lectures on Poultry Medicine. I was also bothered by this tension headache that I have been suffering for two days now.  As much as I wanted to book for an appointment with a chiropractor, I can't... because the attendance for the Poultry Medicine prac, which was done this afternoon, was strictly required and closely monitored.

That practical session inside the university's teaching barn was the longest one hour of my entire life!  I have this feeling that the learning objectives of that activity was not achieved.  Strictly, without unnecessary talking for sixty minutes, we were asked to meticulously observe the behaviour of those sixteen individually caged brown hens with multicoloured tennis balls hanging in their cage.  Apparently, those hens were totally uninterested with those colourful toys, contrary to what was written on the activity sheets.  No pecking bouts; they never attempted to escape...  they didn't seem to care about those dangling coloured objects and some hens had comfortably laid an egg during our activity! 

After the pracs, I hurriedly drove to the massage centre to have my head and neck kneaded to get some relief from this troublesome headache.  It was fortunately alleviated, but I still felt the need to buy some caplets of ibuprofen and a small bottle of liniment, so I did.

It was a very long day, and my tummy started complaining so I decided to visit Cafe Aqua-Elizabeth and try their 'All-You-Can-Eat Pizza, Pasta and Garlic Bread Night'.  

Cafe Aqua- Elizabeth's pizza counter.



Penne with tomatoes, pepperoni and olives...

Cafe Aqua's garlic bread.


Pepperoni and green capsicums.

Mushroom, pineapple, capsicum and cheese. 

A dollop of sour cream with a squirt of sweet chilli has completed these golden potato wedges!

The men behind Cafe Aqua's array of pizza and pasta. 

Cafe Aqua- Elizabeth, South Australia 
All-you-can-eat buffet; every Monday night from 6pm. 
With their friendly and attentive staff, plus their delicious pizza and pasta, Au$13.90 can speak for its value.  

I have been gaining some pounds since I started studying... I am hoping that my enrolled subjects this semester could aid in burning some of these unwanted fats.  It's 11:47PM in South Australia, it's time to go to bed and get some rest in preparation for our first Pharmacology lecture tomorrow.      



Reena said...

i just hopped from another blog which featured iloilo specialties! anu ba yan, puro pagkain naman. nakakagutom. tapos eat all you can pa! parang masarap nga yung pizza. yum!

RJ said...

Anong blog ba 'yong may Iloilo specialties, Reena? I want to visit it.

Masarap pareho ang pizza at pasta nila doon sa Cafe Aqua- Elizabeth.

Good luck nga pala sa bagong business mo!

bertN said...

I wish you well in your second semester. You are moving along splendidly.

Back home, we used to say "chicken feed lang yan" to anything we can easily tackle or pay for.

RJ said...

Thanks for regularly visiting my blog! Salamat for that wish, too!

Yes, I always remember that 'chicken feed' thing, especially when I was still at the chicken farm and life's getting tougher. o",)