Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Juan dela Cruz

It was past one in the morning in a South Australian countryside, he's alone in the house that's humbly sitting on a sparsely populated street next to a pastureland...  Having spent the whole day reading the examinable materials (wishing that he could finish everything that's covered for the final exam), he was extremely exhausted that minutes after he laid flat on his bed, he seemed to have suddenly fallen on the cuddly arms of Morpheus...  The lights were all turned off, window blinds were shut-- dark and almost muffled that only the ticking clock on his bedroom wall had gone distinctly audible on that wee hours of the night.

It was ten past six in the morning when he gained his consciousness back.  Sunlight had filtered through the thick window drapes and some unseen birds and insects were heard chirping and whirring somewhere outside.  There was, somehow, an indication of gladness! 

He opened the blinds and realised that the sun had risen, the eastern side of the dome was gradually turning blue and was actually almost cloudless!  The fronds of the palms as well as the wilted grass blades were gracefully dancing as the morning breeze was gently blowing from the south.  Then the distinctive scent of early Australian summer wafted through his partially opened window.

A couple of goats was visibly chewing their cud across the paddock, and he heard some laughters of his neighbour's children nearby.  The eucalyptus trees were still standing on the field, and the adjacent houses and sheds still had their roofing securely intact. 

THEN HIS THOUGHTS suddenly took him slightly northwest up the globe-- where ruthless, devastating Haiyan had recently visited.  Brokenhearted and teary eyed, he had helplessly fallen on his knees... and prayed. 

( thoughts and prayers to all the victims and family of typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.  Warm and tight hugs!)         

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