Friday, August 23, 2013

Heart Failure

It feels like my heart's been manually squeezed like an orange!  It simply hurts.

It really hurts being ignored but I know I can't even demand for your attention because I don't have the right.  You're not mine.  It has become a sheer stupidity- I have been entertaining these feelings and thoughts for over a year now and haven't done anything to alleviate it.  The management of this case is not just simply taking an anti-adrenergic drug to, at least, control my heart's contractility.  

Jotting it down on this diary is so easy; I have decided to open this journal to let the world know that there's this secret affection that I have been keeping for so long... as if casting all these burdens out of my chest!  Would a letter or a card be enough, or do I need to send you bunches of roses with layers of heart-shaped chocolate cake to let you feel that I truly care?   

I just can't simply do these things right away, though.  There's this thick cloud of doubts that's been hovering over my mind- I'm scared to get rejected, I hate to be embarrassed.

At this stage I can't demand for anything more than your smile or your friendly 'hi!' every time our paths cross.  Please let me feel I'm visible 'cause I know I am... 

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