Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Conquering the Mountain

Life's been very challenging yet more interesting lately that, I realised, I missed updating my diary.  We've just finished our final examinations for the first semester.

Meantime, let me enjoy this freedom! Let me have this twenty-six days break from the university...

I, actually, almost forgot how to feel like a normal human being for the past four weeks as I tried to transform myself into a huge walking USB flash drive. I had to store heaps of information in my brain to jump across the hurdle examinations so I could continue this race.

Well, you can't blame me- with this endeavour to 'conquer a mountain' or if you like, 'build a palace'- it has been involving buckets of sweat, tablespoons of tears, drops of blood; almost exceeding my pain and stress thresholds... and honestly, I didn't think that it'd really take this long!

Don't get me wrong. I can stay on the plains, I'm used to it 'coz I was born and grew up down there. I can live in this humble hut 'coz I have been living here all my life. But I wanted to climb up the peak of the hills 'coz it promises a magnificent 360' view of this beautiful world! I'm dreaming to experience living in a palace so I could share it's warmth, space and richness to the people I love and care.

At the moment, I am traversing the darkest valleys and swimming the deepest rivers just to get to the peak! (Then I realised that building a mansion really takes time.) There have been boulders and dusts, there were times that I starved and thirsted! I have sacrificed a lot for this trek. I thought before that conquering this mountain would only just mean another piece of document, then I realised that it's not. The time and effort that I have spent and would still be spending are more than enough to make it a really valuable achievement.

The obstacles that I had gone through recently were not easy. Until this moment nothing's certain 'coz the result of that 'event' are yet to be revealed. Whatever happens, I am ready. With all the health and physical challenges that I had, I still tried to do everything I could during the preparation, and during the 'event'. I prayed very hard. Now it's my faith that's been keeping me alive 'coz I trust that whereever He leads me, it will always be a better path- whether up the mountain, here on this plateau, or even down the humblest plains.

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