Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To Bali and Back...

I WISH I WERE a sponge!

I’d been locked in my room for four days, glued on my study desk dealing with piles and files of review materials... hoping that I could cope with the course’s coverage before our final exam.  Honestly, I have started taking capsules of concentrated fish oil and some natural ‘memory recall’ formulas to help my ageing brain.  I am very optimistic that these supplements (which I haven’t taken before) are 100% effective so I could smash every exam in the coming weeks.   

Unfortunately, my cooking breaks, in-house dining, and brain supplements possess no power to turn my brain into a hard disk or a sponge.  This morning I had the desire to review and absorb all the necessary information from the course handouts, but I started to feel nauseated and my head seemed a bit heavy and numb.  So I gave up; took a quick shower and prepared for a holiday! 

I drove and drove, headed up north... and ended up in Bali! 

The reception. 

It was an unplanned trip and without itinerary.  After checking all the services offered by the Bali Spa, I decided to enjoy the relaxation massage for one hour.     

The massage was excellent!  I enjoyed it!

The spa was actually in Tanunda in the Barossa Valley region of South Australia.  It's a 20-minute drive from my place.  The region is famous for it's world-class wine, but there's actually more than just a fermented drink there.  I've been to Barossa for so many times, but every visit is different!  Each of the four seasons brings a characteristic colour and reveals the unique beauty of the landscape. 

The young vineyard.  It's wintertime but the autumn leaves are still there! 

The leafless vineyard.  Tanunda, South, Australia.

The abandoned cellar door and its fountain.  

The detail of the sculpture.

Tree-lined road somewhere between Tanunda and Lyndoch, South Australia. 

 For my lunch, I headed to Jacob's Creek Restaurant in Tanunda.

ENTREE.  Honey-glazed Keyneton free-range pork belly with a sesame crusted South Australian King Prawn served with Chinese Master Stock. 

DESSERT.  Caramel parfait, chocolate mousse, salted peanut toffee and caramel sauce.

I didn't order a main dish, I waited until I got home because I had some boiled beef spare ribs and tripe in lemon grass, tamarind, onions and ginger with some green mustard cabbage.  I had it with steamed rice, of course!  

The pine trees somewhere in Tanunda, South Australia.

 ...enough for this post, it's now time to review. 


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bertN said...

I think your trip to Bali will do your brain a lot more good than the concentrated fish oil. Better still go to the real Bali in Indonesia next time and get a heavenly massage - it may not help your "ageing" brain but I don't think you'll care after the massage LOL. Just teasing. Don't worry, you'll do OK in school.