Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Radiologists' Eyes

Happy times are a bit fewer these days.  Our exam weeks are coming; practical exams has started, case presentations are ongoing, assignments are soon due and written exams are certain in the final two weeks of the semester.  Now, can you imagine how busy a uni student is these days?

Surprisingly, I still have time to update this 'diary'!  Actually, I am only having my quick break as I have been deeply immersed under these bulky and chaotic Diagnostic Imaging handouts... plus heaps of radiographs with their own characteristic densities and opacities.  It's so daunting to think that soon after we finish our Radiology Prac Exam on Wednesday, I might end up crosseyed- I have this stupid (yet funny) perception that diagnostic imaging is purely imaginary, that it needs a fairy tale-teller to point out all these mystical radiographic silhouettes that only an experienced radiologist can find.

I have also spent reasonable amount of time early this morning reviewing the anatomical complexities of a horse's and dog's front and hind legs, especially the distal end until I found myself drowning over the internal organs of the chest and abdomen!  Well, this is student life- honestly, this condition is absolutely more promising than being completely covered in straw dusts and loose downs (fine, soft and fluffy feathers of a young bird) suspended in the warm air inside the chicken sheds.

It's also getting cooler and colder these days as the Southern Hemisphere will soon welcome the onset of winter.  I originally prefer this season compared to the South Australian summertime, but this makes me a bit worried this time as I just want to snug in bed and hibernate- leaving my books, handouts and notes lying on my study desk.  One thing more: my beautiful classmates, who loved to wear their skimpy outfit last February (late summer & start of our classes) are now completely covered with layers of fabric from head to toe!

Now, can you blame me if I want to have a 'radiology eye'?   



bertN said...

You'll have to share me your secret when you have your "radiology eye".

RJ said...


Dadalaw po ako sa blog niyo 'pag makaluwag-luwag.

Anonymous said...

X-ray! Si doc rj gusto ng "eye-scan!" para "see-through" ang mga naka-layered clothing? :)

You really love your profession because it takes extraordinary interest to study anything about kingdom animalia. :)

RJ said...

You got it, Doc Gelo! o",)

Shifting careers would sometimes get into my thoughts, pero hindi na siguro, Doc. Nasimulan ko na kasi 'to, I'm hoping na kahit na paunti-unti maconsider din ang accummulated veterinary experience ko for my dream job.

Dinadalaw ko po kayo madalas doon sa Beyond Toxicity pero hindi ako nakakapg-iwan ng comment. Nakaka-relax po 'yong adventures niyo.