Sunday, February 19, 2012


This is it, the green light is on!

I, finally, got the offer from the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) to pursue the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences of the University of Adelaide (UoA)-Roseworthy Campus. 

Getting the offer wasn't easy.  I initially went to the UoA for preliminary assessment of my Philippine qualifications last July 2011; submitted my SATAC application in August 2011 and completed the supplementary information needed for admission into the DVM program last November 2011.

Unfortunately last December 2011, the university sent me an email explaining that my DVM application was sitting on a bad place; there were more than 30 people applied for the 3 places available for uptake, all the applicants were ranked and I was NOT in the top three. In short, I was on the waitlist (just like a reserved housemates of Pinoy Big Brother) and I only have two chances: if any of the 50+ students who has just finished their BSc Pre-Veterinary would decide not to continue with the DVM program, and if any of the guys in the top 3 would decide not to accept the offer.  I only had a very slim chance of getting an offer, and for me it was a disaster!  I felt I was securely fastened by a ball and chain.

Dealing with the condition of temporary disppointment was difficult, I suffered from a very unhealthy mental state that, in some ways, had jeopardized my job.  I am very grateful that my employer, the people in my workplace and the Filipino community in Port Wakefield and Balaklava were very supportive that the next few days had surprisingly gone well.  I am glad that a packet of anti-depressant pills prescribed by my GP had found its way into the bin, otherwise I could have been suffering from its adverse effects by now.

You might wonder why I was so frustrated of not getting the SATAC offer right away.  Well, it's simple.  It'd be easier if I admit that I am too ambitious that I just simply dream to get the veterinary registration in Australia.  I have been Down Under for more than half a decade now, working hands on with the production side of hogs and poultry, intensely missing the routines and challenges of the veterinary profession.  So after becoming an Australian citizen last year, I started praying hard and seriously never ceased in finding the best ways to get recognized as a vet down here.  There's an option of taking the qualifying examinations for Au$10,000 (both the theoretical and practical) but I have preferred and decided to leave my current job, go back to the uni (university) and study full-time for three years.     

There are millions of jobs across Australia that could easily secure my and my family's financial needs... or I can enrol in a shorter program to get a new skill (maybe culinary, photography or TV and movie production) or just stay in my current job and continue enjoying its perks but my heart's yelling and yearning for another thing- to continue the path of veterinary career that I have started in the Philippines.

I wanted to follow my heart because for me this is the best way to fulfillment and joy.  I have come to a point where I believe that being a veterinarian is my Personal Legend- my destiny.  And I'm so glad that the universe have started conspiring; and I have also been keeping my fingers tightly crossed that my 'stars' will gradually align and will favour me until the end amidst all the challenges that will surely come across my way as a veterinary medical student.            

For those who are curious, I don't have the money to pursue this dream.  The DVM program in Australia is luckily one of the Commonwealth-supported places which simply means that I will try to avail the subsidized education plus the government's HECS-HELP or the loan program.  And because I will be leaving my job a day before the start of the classes (27 February 2012), I will try to ask for assistance from AuStudy- an Australian government's financial help to Australians aged 25 years or more and studying full-time.  Plus I will look for a part-time job during Saturdays, Sundays and a few hours during weekdays so I could financially meet my personal needs and wants. 

I know that what's ahead is not easy... but there's no U-turn slot available, I'm on a crossroad where turning right or left is not allowed.  Now that I am facing the green light, the only way is going straight forward.  So help me God. 



BlogusVox said...

That's my boy!!!

Follow your dreams no matter what. Ganyan ang may "pioneering spirit". Just like your forefathers' before you!

In a way, you make me proud, RJ!

Sardonyx said...

Wow, congrats Doc and good luck to your new endeavor!! I'm very proud of you!! 2012 I think is for both of us, God is so good to us ;-)

RJ said...

Maraming salamat po, mabuti may nakuha naman akong positive reactions, may mga natanggap po kasi akong reactions na parang mali ang ginawa kong decision. But I will try to pursue it, hopefully I will succeed. U

bertN said...

Congratulations! You made the right decision. Three years is not a long time. You'll probably get a graduate or teaching grant, a student loan and like you said, you can work parttime on weekends and some evenings to cover your financial needs and some. You are on your way to greater glory!

RJ said...

Thank you very much. I am glad that the reactions here are positive. Hope I can make it until the end.

I have checked your blog and seen your photos from Istanbul, I'll visit your site one day and leave some comments. Just a bit busy of the two-day orientation this week.

Reymos said...

You did the right and timely decision. Good luck! I did the same decision during the peak of my professional career. It was a challenging stage of my life but at the end I made it... savoring the fruit of hardwork and perservance!

Reymos said...

You did the right and timely decision. Good luck! I did the same decision during the peak of my professional career. It was a challenging stage of my life but at the end I made it... savoring the fruit of hardwork and perseverance!